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Lana Miro
2 min readMay 14, 2024


This month, I’m celebrating 6 years as a Partnerships Manager. To remember this experience, I'm sharing my free eBook, WordPress Partnerships: Basics.

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wordpress partnerships basics by lana miro

For who?🙌

  • who is just starting the journey of Partnerships in WordPress;
  • everyone who wants to discover helpful tips from me, other Managers, and Bloggers;
  • companies who are thinking of hiring new manager or wanting to improve their existing workflow.

✘ You won’t like this eBook if

  • you are a perfectionist. My eBook is not the perfect one. I wanted to grab all my knowledge fast and sometimes not so beautifully. 😁
  • you are an experienced one. But, if you read it anyway, please share your insights in the comments or on any social media by tagging me. 😉

🙈So, enjoy, and let me know what you think.

Free Download

I forgot about thankful notes. 😱

💚Thankful notes💚

  1. To my family for supporting and helping to overcome my “critique syndrome”.
  2. My Crocoblock teammates, especially Anna, our CEO — encouraged and supported me in each stage.
  3. Every WordPress community member whom I met and talked with.
  4. My network brought me an astonishing experience that I finally shared with the WordPress world. 💚

Thank you. 💚

P.S. Hope to meet everyone in person during #WCEU. ツ

P.S.2 — I’m so excited to share the eBook with you. 😎😸



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