How to Add Geocoding Map Providers to Map Listings?

Step 1: Turn on Maps Listing Module

jetengine dashboard modules

Step 2: Choose Maps Settings

  • Google;
  • OpenStreetMap;
  • Photon;
  • Bing.
geocoding provider


google map provider
  • Geocoding API key. Paste the Google Maps API Key in this field. Ensure that you set API restrictions settings to “None” or “IP addresses” in the Google Cloud Platform, Credentials tab. To change the statuses, open the needed API key settings and select the “Don’t restrict key” option in the API Restrictions section, or uncheck the “Geocoding API” option if the “Restrict API” is selected;
  • Validate API key. Push the “Validate Google maps API Key” to check if the Geocoding API is configured right;
  • Preload coordinates by address. Enable this toggle and select the needed meta field for the address (text or map meta field type, for example) for the Google Maps API optimization. Maps Listing will load and show the coordinates from the pointed meta fields. Be aware that only JetEngine meta fields can be preloaded appropriately. You can combine several fields names with the “+” symbol (e.g., _city+_country);
  • Avoid markers overlapping. Enable to add a little offset between overlapping markers with similar addresses.


jetengine openstreetmap settings


jetengine photon geocoding provider settings


jetengine bing geocoding provider settings

Step 3: Place Map Listing onto a Gutenberg-Built or Elementor-Built Page

map listing in the wordpress Gutenberg block editor
map listing in the elementor editor

Step 4: Check the Results on the Front End

listing map on the front end



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