How to Create a Free WordPress Donation Form?

Step 1. Register PayPal account

sign up paypal account
paypal account creation
paypal account was registered

Step 2. Set Up PayPal Gateway Settings

install free jetformbuilder form plugin
paypal gateway api
create new paypal app

Step 3. Create Free WordPress Donation Form

add new donation wordpress form
  • First and Last name (set as Text field; not required)
  • Donation amount (as number field; mark as required)
  • Message (Text field; not required)
free donation form
save form submissions
edit store form records action
edit paypal checkout settings

Step 4. Add the Donation Form to the WordPress Page

donate wordpress page
choose donation form in jetform block
final wordpress donation form result

Step 5. Test the form

test wp form
paypal checkout
form records page
wordpress payments page

Bonuses: Additional WP Donation Form Cases

#1 Case: Radio Field with Different Amounts

donation amount as radio field
edit manual options
wp donation form with radio fields

#2 Case: Add the Donation Form to Popup

elementor and jetpopup plugins
choose popup layout
edit bordering popup
add jetform widget to popup
add donation form to popup
popup open event
wordpress donation form in popup

Case #3: Click the Donate Button to Open Donation Form

classic popup layout
classic donation form
popup action button widget
edit button text
attach popup to the button
clean donate button
donation wp form in popup

Sum Up



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