How to Create Deal Submission Form in WordPress for Free?

free wordpress deal submission form
Final result
install free jetformbuilder plugin

Step 1. Add New Form

Step 2. Add the Form Fields You Need

  • Text area fields for Name, Email address, Company title, Link to the banner, Coupon code, and Comments.
  • Radio field to choose the product category.
  • Datetime fields for start & finish dates.
add form field to the column
required form field
  1. Using Placeholder. Go to Block > Advanced settings > Placeholder > Add explanation text.
form field placeholder
add placeholder text
add the text to the form field input description

Step 3. Configure Post Submit Action

  1. Save Form Record — to save all submissions in the dashboard.
save form record
send email from form
jetform settings

Step 4. Add WordPress Form to the Page

add form to gutenberg editor page
choose the form

Step 5. Testing Time

send form submission via email
form replies dashboard
jetformbuilder form record




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