JetElements: Top Elementor Add-on to Make Any Website Better

What Are the Site’s Widgets and Why Do They Matter?

  • collect user statistics;
  • monitor their activity;
  • increase website conversion rate.

Why JetElements for Elementor?

jetelements widgets installed
  • 47+ customizable widgets;
  • ability to combine elements (you can apply some widgets and overlay pages on some content blocks);
  • WPML compatibility;
  • Contact Form 7 module and home page templates;
  • detailed tutorials.

47 Widgets? Oh, Really?

  • builds content sections and makes them pop by adding countdown timer, testimonials, team members, pricing table, price list, and slider;
  • displays posts, images, and videos within portfolio gallery, advanced carousel, post grid, banner image layout, services section, and logo showcase;
  • makes the content components more clickable and scrollable through section parallax, vertical scroll, creative headlines, interactive flip box, and comparison slider;
  • embeds third-party content from YouTube, Vimeo, Audio Player,, Google Maps, Instagram, and LottieFiles;
  • showcases complex numeric data, in particular, through pie charts & bar charts, responsive tables, vertical & horizontal timelines, and progress bars & circle progress;
  • adds WooCommerce badges (recently viewed, best sellers, top-rated, featured product).

How Does It Work?

jetelements widgets active
jetelements image compared widgets
  • Eye-catching image carousels will help you present information most efficiently and beautifully. It has more than a few styles from which to choose, and you can check out the live preview via the link above.
image carousel widget
  • Countdown timers garner your audience to wait for something together.
  • Progress bars and circle progress bars will work great for showcasing the skill levels or any progress on your website. Any project may need these progress circles, and we’ve got them.
progress bar widget
  • Section parallax creates effects of vertical/horizontal scrolling, zoom, rotation, mouse movement, blurring, opacity, and 3D rotation.
parallax widget
  • Pricing tables make it possible to advertise your product’s subscription plans or pricing policies with the help of the pricing tables. These will help you give the customers brief pricing info by visualizing it in one simple and clean block.
pricing table widget
  • Logo showcases will help you display the brands you have worked with or have a strong relationship with. It works excellent for agency websites and personal portfolios. Check out the demo, we’ve got a few styles from which to choose, so it will suit any website and any style.
logo showcase widget
  • WooCommerce products make possible the best presentation of the products.
woocommerce widget
  • Horizontal/Vertical timelines let visitors know about a particular company’s path to success throughout the years.
timeline widgets
  • Testimonials allow you to add a client feedback section to the site, building a testimonial structure from scratch: icon, image, name, title, comment, date, position, and even ‘star’ rating can be displayed in the desired order.
testimonials widgets
  • Posts 一 you can organize posts as grids and make sure that you showcase your content most efficiently and conveniently.
post widget
  • Animated texts are a great way to showcase the blog posts anywhere on your website. These have a tremendous animated effect; just look how smoothly they move.
animated text widget

How Much Does JetElements Cost?

What’s Great About JetElements for Elementor?



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